11 things to avoid when planning your wedding

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

So, your partners popped the question and now you have to plan one of the biggest days of your life, what are you worried about I’ve came up with a list for the ten things you should try and avoid if you want your special day to go smoothly. 

1. Micro-managing / over scheduling the photographer 

Hopefully you hired a professional, they’ve done it before, so you should be relaxing and enjoying your day. The only time I would want you to help organise anything would be the group shots, so I don’t miss anyone but that’s normally the job of the bridesmaid’s and groomsmen. if on the other hand you just hand them a big list of shots you want but don’t give them any time to take them, something must give, and you’ll end up missing out. My advice would be set a few guided shots but let them take over (that is what you paid them for after all)  

2. Don’t leave it to the last minute

This should go without saying, this isn’t your school homework. You have to stop procrastinating and start making decisions, otherwise you will miss out on that photographer or venue you really wanted and settle with whoever/whatever is available. 

3. Wearing New shoes on your big day

I’ve seen so many brides in pain because of their shoes. I know you want to keep them nice and new looking but if you wear them in, your feet will thank you. Better still if you have a dress that covers your feet just put on your most comfortable pair of shoes no one will know (just remember to tell the photographer), remember you’re going to be on your feet most of the day. 

4. Picking your venue first

Loads of people assume finding the perfect venue comes first. But what about your guest list, you will be surprised at the number of people you’ll want at the wedding. If you only have a small venue and want 200+ people there, you may have to choose between the large deposited you’ve just put down or your grandmother. 

5. Pinterest’s boards out of control.

Pinterest can be a great place to get inspired but if you try and copy too many things your wedding may become a bit miss matched. 

6. Not creating a to do list

Life is hectic enough without having to plan a wedding on top of it, keep a list of things you still have to do so you can free up your brain for decision making. This also helps keep you and your partner in sync, its not good when you both book a different DJ. 

7. Don’t sweat the little things 

This one is quite hard, but you just have to try and laugh it off. If your name tag font comes in Arial instead of Times New Roman just breath, you and the guests are not going to notice at all on the wedding day.

8. Paying your bills 

Paying all of your wedding vendors can make or break your wedding. Imagine not being allowed into your own wedding venue because you haven’t paid your bill, or the caterer not turning up. 

This will just give you bad memories, instead of the lovely ones you should have. 

9. Designate an emergency contact 

What happens if the worst should happen and you’re off the grid for a while, your wedding vendors will need to contact someone, or you may end up getting a bouncy castle instead of the marquee tent your ordered. 

10. Stress about the weather

You can’t predict the weather a year in advance, and you can’t change the weather. What happens, happens, there’s nothing you can do about it. When you’re planning your wedding think about what you can do if you do end up with poor weather. If you’re planning your wedding in the UK, you’ll probably already have a rainy-day plan if your wedding is outdoors at all. 

11. Hire a professional when you can

I know weddings can be expensive things but if you can afford to, hire a professional, it will make your day run much more smoothly, they’ve done it before, so you can relax knowing it will all be taken care of, after all you should be fully focused on getting married to your best friend. 

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