How to find the right photographer.

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Don’t get me wrong I want you to hire me, after all it is my job, however when hiring a photographer here are some tips you should know before handing over your hard-earned money. 

You should never judge a photographer by their choice of camera, amazing pictures have been taken with cameras that cost pennies. But when it comes down to your big day there are a few things that will help make sure you get the images you paid for. 

The photographers style. 

This is quite an important one. A photographer will spend years developing their own unique style, so if you want to hire a photographer but have them edit in a different style, this is not the photographer for you, even if they say yes it’s a bad idea. Think about it like this; you commission Picasso to paint you a picture but instead of his normal style you want him to paint you in a comic book style. You should never trust a photographer willing to throw their unique style out. Saying this if you want a certain type of image that’s fine show it to the photographer and they’ll be able to do it, but understand that the photographer will shoot it in their own style. I hope that hasn’t confused you. 

Meeting the photographer before the big day

I can’t stress this enough, I offer a free couples shoot with no obligation to book. If you and your photographer don’t get on, or the way they talk to you etc… basically if you don’t like them, they are going to ruin your day, I would highly recommend booking an engagement shoot with the photographer this way you can see how they work and what type of pictures you’ll get on the day, having a beautiful portfolio is one thing but this is a way to see their real work (not had picked to attract people). 


Ok I might have scared you a little with that one. Any photographer that is willing to document a wedding without a contract in place isn’t someone to trust, in other words RUN. The contracts are there to protect you and the photographer. If there is something in the contract that worries you talk about it with your photographer. Here’s a little example how the contract could protect you, let’s pretend you’ve booked me and a few days before your wedding I fall ill and wont be able to shoot your wedding myself, my contract has a section detailing that I will be responsible to get you a another photographer to fill in, with me editing the images at no extra cost to you. 

Contracts work both ways and should not be over looked!

The Equipment they use

Megapixels are good, but you don’t need as much as you think 16mp would be absolutely fine for any wedding. The main thing to look out for is does their camera have dual card slots. Now this might seem small but imagine getting an email from your photographer saying that their sd card became corrupt and all your images are gone. But if they have dual card slots you'll not have to worry. On the day I generally have back up of everything, so if the worst does happen i'm prepared.

Oh and a good lens is always a good sign but without boring you with lens talk there's no easy way of telling, Id always recommend having an engagement shoot just so you know exactly the quality of work they can produce. If you don't like the images you get back, that is the time to back out before your memories are ruined. Please remember that kit isn’t everything though, you’re also hiring the person taking the photos.

I hope I have help you choose the right photographer and haven’t scared you off.

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